My thoughts carry weight.
I am the President of the Leonardo da Gioiella Foundation
parodying the words of Barack Obama,
44th President of the United States of America.

This site was partly built and implemented because I wanted you to know that I had a cottage to let.
A good reason to have also some English texts here. To catch your attention, that is.
The cottage is sold, but I decided that the site will remain as it was.

You're welcome here, and I hope you still may find something to your liking.

an old English poem dealing with disquiet and worries

on Italian lessons - and how to learn English

on trinities, how touching they are, and how to use them ... for good and evil

dying to save something from dying ... would you consider it

about some footnotes to Mahler

Bach in our time

just a story

some footnote from Charles Bukowski to Emily Dickinson

just a poem

and another poem

me and the pigs in my father's head

the blessings harbouring gloom - some thoughts on an old friend of mine

on reincarnation - trusting it to my own hands