x-ray of amygdala

when I was seven
they made x-ray
no x-ray to compare with

my father suggested
x-ray of pig's head

when I was four
fallen in pigpen
pig very nice to me
wanted to spend the night with her

two weeks later
butcher came to our house
to butcher pig
I was desperate
I was raging
but I was a nipper

pig butchered
sisters cooked all nice things
tasty sausages
scrumptious chops
delicious meatballs

and I ate it ...
I ate it!
I felt guilty
I had hugged that pig
I had slept with her
and now I was eating

I loved the food

from then on
I was another boy
I felt lonely

father was right
they took x-ray of pig's head
pig has no amygdala
surprise surprise
it was a real benchmark

it brought wisdom to doctor
neuropsychiatry made a big leap
my father was praised for his intuition

they let me go
no salvation for me